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and welcome on the homepage of my badge collection!
I believe, every time someone has to do something with the scouts, a small collection of badges comes into beginning: Either you have taken part in a camp or action at whose end you got a badge, or you have met someone - best abroad - who wants to swap badges with you. Then, short hand a badge was taken off your uniform, or the personal "badge swap supply" was taken out and swaping starts...
The same way this collection began, and I am happy to present it to interested visitors on the following pages. However I do not collect everything: either the badges background is interesting, or the badge itself is beautiful. At its best, it is both together...

  • Only real badges/patches are inserted into my collection. I am not interested in pictures or grafics!
  • Available badges for swaping/trading can found here again, soon. No, I do not sell badges.
  • All links and flags in the menu and all badges are underlaid with helpful descriptions. Just stop the cursor on top of them for a short moment.
  • Categories with new acquisitions have red numbers in the menu.
  • All badges are measured: H=height x B=width, or Ø=diameter.
  • This collection actually contains 794 badges (Updated: 2012-06-20) from 49 nations.
And now...
...feel free to take a look.
Yours in scouting

Sixty Plus Design - Scouting Award #1
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